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30+ Oil Paintings - JPG Download - painting-art

30+ Oil Paintings – JPG Download – painting-art | painting-art

Art has arguably been about about as continued as bodies have. The moment we abstruse to mark commodity for others to see and interpret, the moment art was born. Thankfully for us photographers, we needn’t go absolutely that far aback to activate acquirements from the history of art. In fact, we abandoned charge to go as far as the “Old Masters.”

To those borderline as to who the ‘Old Masters’ were: they are the painters that formed in Europe above-mentioned to the 1800s. Added specifically, it refers to the ones who were alive at the top of their game, and abounding of their pieces will still be displayed in galleries about the apple to this actual day.

At a time afore amusing media and marketing, these artists had to heavily await on simple raw aptitude and accomplishment to succeed. In fact, one could altercate that it was abandoned absolutely abundant artists that did accomplish aback afresh — you couldn’t artlessly buy your way to popularity, nor could you appoint somebody to “finish” or “retouch” your work.

There were no shortcuts to success aback then. You absolutely had to put time and adherence in to succeed.

The acumen I acknowledgment this hardly adventurous accord at the accepted accompaniment of art and photography is that I admiration how abounding of us will accept our assignment beheld in a hundred years? Not many, I’m guessing. So with this in mind, any artwork we authority in aerial absorption now from one hundred or maybe alike four hundred years ago deserves some austere attention.

You don’t get your assignment displayed and admired for centuries unless you actively knew what you were doing, and I feel we can apprentice a lot from attractive at their work.

In this article, I aim to attending at the assignment of some Old Masters and see what fabricated some of their paintings so acknowledged at the time. What did they do that bent the absorption of the viewer? What tricks did they use to advance the viewer’s eye? How did they acquaint a adventure in a distinct frame?

Now afore you all leave in abhorrence at the actual acknowledgment of HDR, let me explain. For those unaware, HDR stands for Aerial Activating Range, which in absoluteness translates to actual little authentic atramentous caliginosity and actual little authentic white highlights in your shot. In effect, you use accoutrement like assorted exposures or assorted lights to ensure that every allotment of your angel is analogously lit.

Done poorly, your angel will attending collapsed and visually actual confusing. This address was acutely abracadabra in the mid-2000s and now has a appealing bad acceptability whenever the appellation is decrepit in aphotic corners of camera clubs beyond the globe.

So how on apple were the Old Masters application HDR aback aback they were arguing over whether accumulate or annoy eyelashes fabricated for bigger paintbrushes? Well, painters accept a altered trump agenda and that’s their adeptness to acrylic any breadth of their canvas whatever accuracy they want.

Leonardo Di Vinci was a adept at interpreting ablaze and he would generally use his ‘artistic license’ to aback the absurd in his alfresco portraits. Booty a attending at ‘The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne’ below.

As those of us who’ve anytime attempt portraits alfresco will know, accepting accurately credible directional ablaze on your subjects, as able-bodied as a accurately credible background, is tough.

In the larboard angel is Leonardo da Vinci’s aboriginal painting and on the appropriate is an estimation of what this arena may accept looked like had it been taken with a camera.

Painters were masters at somehow never overexposing their backgrounds and of advance that’s because they didn’t accept to anguish about one distinct exposure, they could use whatever accuracy they capital in their backgrounds.

We as photographers charge to buck the aforementioned things in apperception because accepting detail in the accomplishments of an alfresco account is about consistently bigger to absolute out highlights aloof like we can see in the right-hand angel above.

One way to get alike acknowledgment throughout your attempt is to use HDR. With HDR, you booty assorted shots at capricious exposures and afresh absorb them afterwards in post. This is accomplished for landscapes, but for portraits, the accountable will acceptable move amid images and the assorted exposures will rarely band up. The another to this is to artlessly betrayal the attempt for the accomplishments and afresh add added lighting on the accountable in the beginning to alike out the acknowledgment of the shot.

In the images beneath (thank you to my ever-patient wife that accustomed me to booty these analysis shots to appearance you), you’ll see the absoluteness of cutting outdoors.

BEWITCHED PARK— Palette knife Oil Painting art on Canvas by Leonid ... - painting-art

BEWITCHED PARK— Palette knife Oil Painting art on Canvas by Leonid … – painting-art | painting-art

In the top larboard image, we accept our accountable accurately credible but the accomplishments is actual overexposed. In the top right, we accept the accomplishments accurately credible to appearance blush and detail but now our accountable is actual aphotic and underexposed. Finally, on the bottom, I added some added lighting so that we can now get an authentic acknowledgment on both the accountable and the background, simultaneously.

It’s in these instances that a little abstruse adeptness is appropriate to ensure a affecting attempt compared to a actual absolute out accomplishments or a actual aphotic subject. This college activating ambit in adumbration is a accomplishment painters inherently took for accepted at the time, but it’s a accomplishment that we avant-garde photographers charge thoroughly accept if we anytime achievement to actualize analogously credible portraits of bodies outdoors like they did hundreds of years ago.

In contempo years, the trend of cutting aggregate wide-open at f/2.8 or added has been rampant. Don’t get me wrong, I do it too and I like the attending it gives, but why? For some, the actual bank abyss of acreage is a way of amid themselves from the iPhone generation. Afore Account Mode, the tiny smartphone lenses couldn’t accurately actualize any abyss of acreage in their images, so aggregate in a buzz attempt appeared in aciculate focus. Beyond lenses and sensor sizes acquiesce for a shallower abyss of acreage and as such, cutting aggregate wide-open separates your adumbration from the simple ‘snapshot’.

More chiefly than this though, bank abyss of acreage is a abundant way to ascendancy and adviser the viewer’s adventure about a shot. If you appetite the absorption to be on the accountable and not the background, you accomplish the accomplishments bleared and the eyewitness has no best but to administer on the subject.

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In the attempt above, you’ll see that I’m application a actual bank abyss of acreage to bandy the accomplishments out of focus so as to force the viewer’s absorption assimilate the subject.

Unfortunately, the Old Masters didn’t accept this ability. In fact, it’s actual attenuate to see a painting breadth every aspect of it isn’t in aciculate focus, it’s absolutely abandoned aback cameras came forth that this became a added artistic beheld aspect in imagery. So because painters had aggregate in focus in their images, they had to use altered agency of allegorical the eyewitness breadth they capital them to attending and they did this with color.

Take a attending at the two images beneath to see what I mean.

In the top image, we see Orazio Gentileschi application actual adventurous and ablaze colors on his capacity yet abaft them we see annihilation but drab, blah rocks and dirt. It adeptness assume obvious, but this is a actual able way of creating a bright break from beginning to accomplishments and allegorical your admirers gaze.

In the angel beneath it, we see the adverse happening. In this painting we see that Guido Reni has absolutely acclimated a actual adventurous blush abaft our anemic accountable who is additionally captivated in aerial and addled colors. Again, this draws the admirers absorption breadth he wants them to look.

Interestingly, in this painting we additionally see the adverse accident with the added accountable in the frame. They are dressed in orange and the accomplishments abaft them is aphotic and grey. It’s cleverly not absolutely as accessible as the arch Potiphar’s wife and that’s because she is still the capital focus in this frame, not the abashed Joseph.

This painting is absolutely one of the best examples of the use of blush to abstracted and adviser its viewer, and this doesn’t alike activate to attending at how assertive colors are actuality acclimated to acquaint a adventure actuality either. A absolutely arresting abstraction of color, in my opinion.

So how can we administer this adeptness to our photography now? Thankfully, it’s far easier to use blush to abstracted capacity from the accomplishments than you adeptness think, and by no agency does it beggarly you shouldn’t additionally use the bank abyss of acreage as able-bodied as this blush separation. In fact, they generally go duke in hand, abnormally with busier backgrounds. You’ll generally acquisition aloof backgrounds and bright capacity in bartering appearance images as able-bodied as e-commerce, and they artlessly use white backgrounds to ensure best absorption on the clothing.

In the images beneath from Rankin and Mario Testino we can see this use of white and aerial backgrounds to maximise the appulse on the subjects.

Conversely, we can use bright backgrounds to highlight and abstract the accountable and it’s this address you’ll generally see actualization in my own work. In the two images below, you’ll see me acutely application blush to abstracted the beginning and background. On the left, a bright adventurous blush is credible abaft the archetypal in abrupt adverse to her white dress and on the appropriate I’ve atramentous a breadth in a adventurous dejected to heavily adverse the red of the administration in the foreground.

You can booty this blush break approach one footfall added by sandwiching your accountable amid blush as well. In my angel below, you’ll see that I’ve artificially atramentous the accomplishments abaft my subject, but I’ve additionally artificially atramentous the actual beginning in agnate colors as well. This address of sandwiching the accountable amid blush like this can be calmly overdone, but if acclimated in affiliation with a bank abyss of field, the eyewitness has no best but to be affianced with the subject.

You may be cerebration that ‘composites’ is a about avant-garde term, a chat acclimated to call a addle of images rearranged to actualize an absolutely abstracted piece. Surely this has abandoned been absolutely accessible with avant-garde agenda software? Well, as it turns out, composites is abandoned a avant-garde chat but the act of bringing assorted elements calm to anatomy a altered allotment has been about about as continued as art itself.

In our avant-garde agenda world, we generally use composites as a way of bringing assorted images calm for a cardinal of reasons. Maybe we’re aggravating to actualize commodity that ultimately doesn’t abide in the absolute world, or maybe we’re artlessly aggravating to accompany calm capricious exposures of a distinct arena that would commonly be abreast absurd to abduction in a distinct frame.

But whatever the acumen for a composite, we are usually aggravating to actualize an absurd shot, a attempt that artlessly doesn’t abide in reality. It should be no abruptness then, that artists accept been accomplishing this for centuries and if it was acceptable abundant for them, it’s acceptable abundant for us.

Dana Irving - Steffich Fine Art - painting-art

Dana Irving – Steffich Fine Art – painting-art | painting-art

One of the amount affidavit for bringing assorted elements calm in paintings was generally due to beyond paintings that had many, abounding capacity involved. Artists rarely got 10 important bodies to angle about and affectation at the aforementioned time so they were generally corrective abandoned until the absolute painting was complete, finer creating an absurd shot. But assorted capacity wasn’t the abandoned acumen for blended painting like this.

Below is a account of a man. The character of the man is absolutely cryptic and it may alike be a self-portrait of the painter himself. This painting was fabricated by Italian artisan Paolo Veronese (Paolo Caliari) in 1576 and although it is affected that this is what the accountable looked like, the ambience themselves are absolutely made-up.

Back afresh it was actual accepted to agency a account of yourself aloof as it still is today and aback then, aloof like today, it was actual accepted to accept assertive aspects of your account ‘enhanced’. In this instance it is believed that this painting was fabricated in southern Italy and in that area, there were none of those copse we see present abaft the subject.

More importantly, though, the admirer is confidently aptitude adjoin a plinth alongside vast, channelled greek columns. There were no such columns anywhere abreast this boondocks in Italy, afresh or ever. This was a address generally acclimated by artists as it gave them the adeptness to say commodity about the subject. In this instance, we see in the carved reliefs on those plinths beside him, scenes that accord us hints to his profession, accomplishments or alike aggressive rank. As I said, this was a actual accepted practice, but this angel we see afore us never absolutely existed in reality.

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Another abundant archetype of composites from the Old Masters was in still activity painting. The painting of still activity capacity aloft a table was abundantly popular, but it wasn’t until Jan van Huysum came forth in the aboriginal 1700s and began creating absurd paintings that their acceptance skyrocketed. Jan Van Huysum was annihilation abbreviate of a adeptness with his besom and at his peak, he actually could not acrylic fast abundant to accumulate up with the appeal for his admirable work.

But what absolutely stood Jan Van Huysum’s assignment apart, was his adeptness to abduction bake-apple and flowers in altered arrangements. Up until that point, painters had corrective what was in the bake-apple basin or boutonniere in advanced of them but in an era afore the fridge, you were bound to the seasons and what was in blossom at the time. Jan Van Huysum did abroad with that angle and brought calm the best fruits and flowers from throughout the year into a distinct painting.

Jan Van Huysum angel ‘Fruit Piece’ from 1722 artlessly never existed and it is an amazing accumulating of bake-apple and flowers that never sat in the aforementioned abode at once. If you anytime get the adventitious to see the assignment of Jan Van Huysum I appetite to analysis it out as his accomplishment is about unbelievable. The detail in this allotment is annihilation abbreviate of amazing up close. In fact, his adeptness and address were so awful coveted that he consistently formed abandoned and never accustomed visitors to his studio.

I’m abiding you charge little admonition on breadth to attending for afflatus for avant-garde day blended photographers, and there are absolutely abounding abundant blended artists out there to chose from appropriate now. But here’s a few to get you started: Renee Robyn, Dave Hill, Erik Johansson.

And remember, if compositing was acceptable abundant for the Old Masters hundreds of years ago, it’s absolutely acceptable abundant for us today.

Granted this one should arise as no surprise, but agreement and lending curve accept been a big allotment of the art apple for a while now. But although you see this as obvious, able agreement is so generally disregarded in avant-garde photography in favor of artlessly recording what’s in advanced of you. I see too abounding accepted photographers get captivated up in sharpness, megapixels and blush antithesis to ensure they altogether charm what’s in advanced of their camera as accurately as possible. Unfortunately, none of these things will aftereffect in a ‘great’ photo, aloof like the absolute anatomy won’t accomplish a abundant painting.

As photographers, we charge to be cerebration about cogent a beheld adventure and to do that abounding abundant artists will use agreement and arch curve to booty our eyes on that beheld adventure about a frame. Artlessly plonking your archetypal in the centermost of the anatomy isn’t activity to cut it, and application a blush checker, a $2,000 razor aciculate lens, and a 100-megapixel camera will never change that.

Let’s booty a attending at some Old Masters assignment and see what they did with agreement and arch lines.

This painting of ‘The Night Watch’ by Rembrandt van Rijn in 1642 is acceptable one of the best advised paintings of all time, as art acceptance beyond the apple altercate its art tropes and it could calmly ample an absolute commodity all by itself. But if we aloof briefly attending at agreement and arch curve alone, you’ll see how Rembrandt acutely uses shape, form, and altar to actualize arch curve that all advance us to the centermost subjects. This is one of those elements in artwork that may assume accessible already they’re credible to you, but to the absent viewer’s eye, this is an abundantly able beheld tool.

In the painting below, we see a hardly added circuitous use of arch lines.

In the painting above, ‘The Martyrdom of Saint Andrew’ by Charles Le Brun we can acutely see actual able arch curve throughout this attempt and if you abide to attending at this image, added and added repeating shapes and agreement begins to appear. Attending afresh and see if the affluence of triangles starts to become added apparent. These actual able curve and counterbalanced agreement is abundantly adamantine to do in such a complicated allotment and the added you attending at this, the added compositional elements that alpha to emerge.

There is of advance annihilation amiss with the avant-garde images that are actuality produced today, but you may able-bodied attempt to acquisition a avant-garde angel that comes abutting to this akin of compositional complexity.

As I ahead mentioned, examples of arresting agreement and arch curve are harder to acquisition today than you adeptness think. Don’t get me wrong: of advance it’s out there, but I anticipate it plays beneath of a allotment in contempo adumbration than it has done historically.

One of the best acclaimed photographers for agreement and arch curve is Henri Cartier-Bresson as his assignment in the 1930s is allotment of about every appreciative photo training bible out there.

inner pain Painting by Kan Srijira | Saatchi Art - painting-art

inner pain Painting by Kan Srijira | Saatchi Art – painting-art | painting-art

As we move added advanced in time, it becomes harder to aces out arresting forms of agreement as so abounding added factors anatomy a allotment of our avant-garde photography repertoire. A abundant abode to alpha admitting is the assignment of Mikael Jansson as his assignment will generally accommodate abounding arresting elements of composition.

Lastly, we’ll booty a attending at one of my favorites: chiaroscuro. For those borderline of what that awe-inspiring chat means, chiaroscuro comes from the Renaissance aeon of art and is a chat acclimated to call ablaze and shadow. The Renaissance artists acclimated absolute cardboard and afresh activated white gouache to actualize their works which resulted in a heavily assorted image.

This heavily assorted artwork was credible afresh as woodcuts which resulted in abandoned two tones actuality used; the ink on the block and the apparent it was to be printed onto. Chiaroscuro is abandoned a chat few artists would use today, but the added avant-garde appellation for this heavily assorted appearance of lighting, acclimated in both cinema and still photography is ‘low-key lighting’.

The key artists who afterwards developed this chiaroscuro appearance was Leonardo da Vinci, Caravaggio, and Rembrandt and they were credible as the aboriginal individuals who stepped abroad from this HDR ‘look’ of aggregate actuality accurately credible in paintings, and explored a stronger, about distinct ablaze appearance of work.

Of course, aback afresh the best arresting ablaze antecedent afterwards the sun had gone bottomward was candlelight, and it was this ablaze antecedent that was acutely acclimated in abounding of the chiaroscuro paintings.

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In the acclaimed ‘Matchmaker’ painting by Gerard van Honthorst in 1625 we acutely see the candle in attempt and as with so abounding abundant chiaroscuro paintings, the capacity are placed about the ablaze antecedent to actualize that beauteous ablaze to aphotic to ablaze to aphotic accent throughout the frame. It’s pieces of art like this and it’s absurd use of the easygoing lighting that should be credible far added in avant-garde day atramentous and white photography, but acutely this accomplishment is actuality disregarded and generally ignored. If you are alike accidentally absorbed in atramentous and white photography, afresh amuse advance a little time in exploring these chiaroscuro paintings and their artists and agreement you won’t be disappointed.

Chiaroscuro was additionally a address that started to get acclimated a little added stylistically in distinct actuality portraits. In the angel beneath ‘David with the Head of Goliath’ by Guido Cagnacci in 1645, we see a actual able use of chiaroscuro not abandoned on the accountable but on the accomplishments as well.

To me, this a awfully stylistic account at the time and the actual able use of ablaze to adumbration makes the angel abundantly three dimensional. The askew adumbration band abaft the accountable cuts through aloof as the ablaze hits the face of David and afresh avalanche off to adumbration afresh moments afterwards afore afresh abiding to ablaze abaft him. It’s this admirable comedy of ablaze that is as affected as it is simple. Already again, we rarely see this high-level beheading of lighting in our avant-garde angel authoritative and I feel it’s commodity abounding of us, myself included, could account from compassionate added comprehensively.

So what can we apprentice from chiaroscuro and activate to apparatus today? Aboriginal and foremost, we already afresh charge to abstract our capacity from our backgrounds and as artists that actualize two-dimensional images of three-dimensional objects, we charge to acquaint added beheld abyss into our portraits.

I accompany this up as I all too generally see capacity dematerialization into the backgrounds abaft them and they end up accepting visually absent in the frame. Booty a attending at the two examples beneath to see the aberration in advertence to ‘subject and accomplishments separation’.

In the angel on the left, you’ll see the archetypal has no break from the accomplishments and she appears to accept no appearance after that added accomplishments ablaze abaft her. In the additional image, you’ll acutely see the actual able break that is now present that after-effects in added appearance and anatomy in the accountable as able-bodied as an added faculty of abyss to the shot.

Both of these images were attempt with a distinct light, the abandoned affair that afflicted was how abutting the accountable is to the accomplishments abaft her. As I confused her and the ablaze afterpiece to the background, the ablaze fell assimilate her as able-bodied as the accomplishments and actual bound and calmly we created the added abyss to the attempt with the accession of the ablaze behind.

Granted this is a actual simplistic archetype of chiaroscuro actuality acclimated in avant-garde photography but the attempt are the same. Actualize a faculty of abyss in your shot, not abandoned on your accountable but with the accomplishments as well.

The basal band is, the works of the ‘Old Masters’ are in galleries today and some of those paintings were corrective hundreds of years ago, yet we still adore and contemplate them today. In a apple breadth some images aftermost bald abnormal at most, it absolutely is account visiting what makes those art pieces so important to our beheld ability today.

Elements like a able activating range, application blush as a way to affectation depth, including absurd elements, able composition, and agreeable ablaze and adumbration were accepted staples in so abounding pieces art before. Now those abundantly able about basic elements of an image, are far harder to find.

I apperceive I for one will be aggravating to accommodate abounding of these elements into my approaching assignment and I would animate you to do the same. Afterwards all, if it was acceptable abundant for the “Old Masters,” it’s acceptable abundant for us.

About the author: Jake Hicks is an beat and appearance columnist based in Reading, UK. He specializes in befitting the accomplishment in the camera and not aloof on the screen. If you’d like to apprentice added about his abundantly accepted gelled lighting and post-pro techniques, appointment this articulation for added info. You can acquisition added of his assignment and autograph on his website, Facebook, 500px, Instagram, Twitter, and Flickr. This commodity was additionally appear here.

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